Cost will be $50.00 for a new license plus the state fees. Renewal class is no longer required by the State as of 9/1/2013

Snacks and drinks during class.

No range fees

Call 214-202-2512 or


Finger Prints

Morpho Trust this link will take you to the finger print web site to find locations and enrollment. Some of their location also do passport photos for and additional $10.00. You need to complete the online application before you do your finger prints.


Texas Department of Public Safety Concealed Handgun

Go here to register for LTC. cost is $40.00 for new and $40 for renewal.

Military discount $25.00 with the dd214

Over 60 years old discount is $40 for new and $35 for renewal


Fee table This table will show you what the state will charge you for the chl.